What’s Needed Now

If when you clicked “needed” you were thinking we need drivers or volunteer sorters for future pickups, of course we do!   Just drop us a note: [email protected], or tell us on our Contact Us page.  We love students from 7th grade to 12th grade to develop good community service habits, and appreciate their energy for sorting and eyes for checking expiration dates!   

Here’s our wish list for February

Vegetable Oil                                              Liquid hand Soap

Mayonnaise                                                School type Snacks

Corned Beef Has                                        Ajax or Dawn Dish Soap

Cheese Its                                                  Instant Coffee (regular)

Canned Pineapple in fruit juice                  Lucky Charms

Canned Chicken                                         Frosted Flaked

Maple Syrup                                               Honey Nut Cheerios

Complete Pancake Mix                               Chocolate Syrup

Ground Coffee (regular)                             Honey

Chocolate Pudding snack pack                  Grape Jell-O

Grated Parmesan Cheese                          Cookies

Pickles (Dill and Bread and Butter)            Evaporated Milk

Laundry Pods (we ask for Pods so we are able to divide and give out to multiple patrons each week)

Capri Sun, Fruit Punch or Pacific coolers (please no roaring waters)

If your personal charitable giving includes community service organizations like ours, we hope you’ll donate to help defray our ongoing costs,