Pickups – on an upward trendOur pickups have gone extraordinarily well. Thanks to all the people who donate non-perishables, to the drivers who pick up the food and bring to town hall, to the volunteers who help us check expiration dates and sort and organize the food in the Food Pantry.  And of course big thanks to Kathy and Alicia who run the Food Pantry and distribute the food to needy Norwell families.

Historical perspective:

On our first attempt, we collected bags from 115 homes.  Drivers had called all contributing homes earlier in the week, and all but one bag was picked up.  We learned that there are always unexpected changes of plan, but overall nearly everything went to plan!

Our average bag weight for our first pickup was 15.3 pounds.  The total haul was just over 1800 pounds of food.  On our second pickup, we collected food from over 150 homes, and exceeded 2400 pounds of food, roughly 1/3 more than our first pick up with the average bag weighing about 16 pounds, a slight increase.   Now we consistently collect over 200 bags of donated food every other month (except July), each with an estimated $20 of donated food..

There’s always room for more.

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