About us

Dear Neighbor,

Karen, Neil, Geoff and Marybeth are long time town residents and members of UCC Norwell who have built out this program for Norwell, based on a model that began in Californa and has worked elsewhere.  It takes volunteers, but we’ve never had a shortage of people willing to help.   YOU are the US that makes this program work. The demand at food banks will always be with us.

Here in Norwell, an often unseen but equally needy group of our neighbors struggle to feed themselves or their children.  With Massachusetts moving homeless out of motels and into Section 8 housing, rent is replacing food for limited budgets, placing ever greater need for donated food across the state.  IMG_6771

If you would like to replicate this program in your town, we have posted a business plan on our “set-up this program in your community” page. Two nearby towns, Hanover and Marshfield have both successfully replicated this program.

Please contact us and we will bring you a cool, green bag to your house. Your simple gesture will make a difference to the neediest among us.


Visit our local sponsors who helped make this project possible.